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简介1.高考英语阅读训练附答案2.天津高考英语阅读表达3.浙江卷高考英语真题及答案(word精校版)(3)4.2022年高考英语全国乙卷 - 阅读理解C5.2009高考安徽卷英语阅读答案The problem of robocalls has gotten so bad that many people now refuse to pick up calls from numbers they don




4.2022年高考英语全国乙卷 - 阅读理解C



The problem of robocalls has gotten so bad that many people now refuse to pick up calls from numbers they don't know. By next year, half of the calls we receive will be scams. We are finally waking up to the severity of the problem by supporting and developing a group of tools, apps and approaches intended to prevent scammers from getting through. Unfortunately, it's too little, too late. By the time these “solutions" become widely available,scammers will have moved onto cleverer means. In the near future, it's not just going to be the number you see on your screen that will be in doubt. Soon you will also question whether the voice you're hearing is actually real.


That's because there are a number of powerful voice manipulation and automation technologies that are about to become widely available for anyone to use .At this year's I/O Conference ,a company showed a new voice technology able to produce such a convincing human–sounding voice that it was able to speak to a receptionist and book a reservation without detection.


These developments are likely to make our current problems with robocalls much worse. The reason that robocalls are a headache has less to do with amount than precision. A decade of data breaches of personal information has led to a situation where scammers can easily learn your mother 's name, and far more. Armed with this knowledge, they're able to carry out individually targeted campaigns to cheat people. This means. for example,that a scammer could call you from what looks to be a familiar number and talk to you using a voice that sounds exactly like your bank teller 's, ricking you into "confirming " your address,mother's name,and card number. Scammers follow money, so companies will be the worst hit. A lot of business is still done over the phone, and much of it is based on trust and existing relationships. Voice manipulation technologies may weaken that gradually.



We need to deal with the insecure nature of our telecom networks. Phone carriers and consumers need to work together to find ways of determining and communicating what is real. That might mean either developing a uniform way to mark videos and images, showing when and who they were made by, or abandoning phone calls altogether and moving towards data-based communications—using apps like FaceTime or WhatsApp, which can be tied to your identity.


Credibility is hard to earn but easy to lose, and the problem is only going to harder from here on out.







 Look to many of history?s cultural symbols, and there you?ll find an ancestor of Frosty, the snowman in the movie Frozen. It appeared on some of the first postcards, starred in some of the earliest silent movies, and was the subject of a couple of the earliest photos, dating all the way back to the 1800s. I discovered even more about one of humanity?s earliest forms of life art during several years of research around the world.

 For example, snowmen were a phenomenon in the Middle Ages, built with great skill and thought. At a time of limited means of expression, snow was like free art supplies dropped from the sky. It was a popular activity for couples to leisurely walk through town to view the temporary works of chilly art. Some were created by famous artists, including a 19-year-old Michelangelo, who in 1494 was appointed by the ruler of Florence, Italy, to build a snowman in his mansion?s courtyard.

 The Miracle of 1511 took place during six freezing weeks called the Winter of Death. The city of Brussels was covered in snowmen?an impressive scene that told stories on every street corner. Some were political in nature, criticizing the church and . Some were a reflection of people?s imagination. For the people of Brussels, this was a defining moment of artistic freedom. At least until spring arrived, by which time they were dealing with damaging floods.

 If you fear the heyday of the snowman has passed, don?t worry: I?ve learned that some explosive snowman history is still being made today. Every year since 1818, the people of Zurich, Switzerland, celebrate the beginning of spring by blowing up a snowman. On the third Monday of April, the holiday Sechselauten is kicked off when a cotton snowman called the Boogg is stuffed with explosive and paraded through town by bakers and other tradesmen who throw bread to the crowds. The parade ends with the Boogg being placed on a 40-foot pile of firewood. After the bells of the Church of St. Peter have rung six times, representing the passing of winter, the pile is lit. When the snowman explodes, winter is considered officially over?the quicker it is burnt down, the longer summer is said to be.

 66. According to the passage, why did snowmen become a phenomenon in the Middle Ages?

 A. People thought of snow as holy art supplies.

 B. People longed to see masterpieces of snow.

 C. Building snowmen was a way for people to express themselves.

 D. Building snowmen helped people develop their skill and thought.

 67. ?The heyday of the snowman? (paragraph 4) means the time when___________.

 A. snowmen were made mainly by artists

 B. snowmen enjoyed great popularity

 C. snowmen were politically criticized

 D. snowmen caused damaging floods

 68. In Zurich, the blowing up of the Boogg symbolizes__________________.

 A. the start of the parade

 B. the coming of a longer summer

 C. the passing of the winter

 D. the success of tradesmen

 69. What can be concluded about snowmen from the passage?

 A. They were appreciated in history

 B. They have lost their value

 C. They were related to movies

 D. They vary in shape and size

 参考答案:66. C 67. B 68. C 69. A


 Scary Bunny

 The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005) is the first full-length feature film made by directors Nick Park and Steve Box with their amazing plasticine (粘土) characters Wallace and Gromit. It won an Oscar in 2006, and if you watch it, you?ll understand why. It?s an absolutely brilliant cartoon comedy.

 Cheese-loving inventor Wallace and his brainy dog Gromit have started a company to protect the town?s vegetables from hungry rabbits. However, just before the annual Giant Vegetable Competition, an enormous rabbit begins terrorising the town. It is attacking all the vegetables and destroying everything in its path. The competition organizer, Lady Tottington, hires Wallace and Gromit to catch the monster alive. But they will have to find the were-rabbit before gun-crazy hunter Victor Quartermaine who is desperate to kill it.

 The screenplay is witty and full of amusing visual jokes. As usual, the voice of Peter Sallis is absolutely perfect for the role of Wallace, and Gromit is so beautifully brought to life, he can express a huge range of emotions without saying a word. And both Helena Bonham-Carter, who plays the part of Lady Tottington, and Ralph Fiennes as Victor are really funny.

 To sum up, The Curse of the Were-Rabbit is an amazing film which is suitable for both children and adults. If you liked Wallace and Gromit?s previous adventures and you appreciate the British sense of humour, you?ll love this film. Don?t miss it!

 70. In the film review, what is paragraph A mainly about?

 A. The introduction to the leading roles B. The writer?s opinion of acting

 C. The writer?s comments on the story D. The background information

 71. According to the film review, ?the monster? (paragraph B) refers to ______.

 A. a gun-crazy hunter B. a brainy dog

 C. a scary rabbit D. a giant vegetable

 72. Which of the following is a reason why the writer recommends the film?

 A. It?s full of wit and humour.

 B. Its characters show feelings without words.

 C. It is an adventure film directed by Peter Sallis.

 D. It is about the harmony between man and animals.

 参考答案:70. D 71. C 72. A




 The news report that night was about a famine(饥荒)in Ethiopia. The pictures were of people who were so thin that they looked like beings from another planet. The camera (摄像机)focused (聚焦)on one man so that he looked directly at me, sitting in my comfortable living room. All around was the sound of death.

 It was clear that the world had not noticed this until now. You could hear the sadness in the voice of the reporter. Michael Buerk. At the end of the report he was silent. Paula started crying, then rushed upstairs to check our baby, Fifi, who was sleeping peacefully.

 I kept seeing the news pictures in my mind. What could I do? I was only a pop singer and by now not a very successful pop singer. All I could do was to make records which no one bought. But I would do that. I would give all the profits (利润)of the next Rats (the name of the music group he was in)record to Oxfam (an organization in Britain which helps poor people around the would). What good would that do? It would only be a little money but it was more than I could give just from my bank account. Maybe some people would buy it because the profits were for Oxfam. And I would be protesting about this disaster (灾难). But that was not enough.

 1. What do we learn about the writer from the text?

 A. He felt really bad because the news report made him think of his own hard life.

 B. After he saw a news report on TV about the faming in Ethiopia, he decided he had to do something about the problem.

 C. His ideas on how to collect money for the people in Ethiopia were very successful

 D. He wanted to do more than just be a famous singer.

 2. Which paragraph describes(描写)what he thought about after the report?

 A. Paragraph 1 B. Paragraph 2 C. Paragraph 3 D. None.

 3. The writer wished that.

 A. he would be a very successful pop singer if he could have sold all his records.

 B. he would rather give all his money from his bank account than the little money made by making new records

 C. perhaps people would be interested in his records because they knew that the money they paid for them would go to Oxfam.

 D. He would make records which no one bought.

  KEY: 1. B 2. C 3. C






 When Dan Shaw gets up from the sofa in his home, Cuddles is never far away. When he wants to go outside, he doesn?t take Cuddles out for a walk?Cuddles takes him for a walk Cuddles is clearly no ordinary family pet. It is a two-foot-high miniature horse and serves as the guiding eyes of Shaw, who is blind.

 When Shaw lost his sight, his wife suggested he apply for a guide dog. Shaw, an anima lover, said he couldn?t hear to part with a dog(which usually lives about eight to ten years)and get used to a new one, perhaps several times in his life.

 Then Shaw heard of a program about the tiny guide horses. He learned that the horse possess many qualities that make them an excellent choice for guiding people. They are clean friendly, smart and have great memories. They can be trained to remain calm in noisy and crowded places. Best of all, they live for 25-35 years, which would enable Shaw to have the same guide companion for most or all of his life.

 Shaw immediately applied to be and was accepted as the first person to receive a guide horse. The instant he met Cuddles, he knew he was making the right choice. Then he began his training.

 Through training, Shaw and Cuddles learned to find their way on busy streets, step over curbs (便道沿儿) and find elevator buttons. Cuddles even demonstrated (显示) its ability to step in front of Shaw and block him, to prevent him from walking into a dangerous situation The little horse also expertly led Shaw through busy shopping malls. They got along without any difficulties. Now Shaw is confident that Cuddles will change his life for the better.

 56. What?s the meaning of the underlined word ?miniature? in Paragraph 1? (No more than 2 words)


 57. Why didn?t Shaw want to choose a dog as his guide? (No more than 15 words)


 58. What does Paragraph 3 mainly tell us? (No more than 10 words)


 59. How does Shaw feel about his future life with the help of Cuddles? (No more than 10 words)


 60. In your opinion, what is the ideal relationship between man and animals? (No more than 20 words)



 56. Tiny \Little\small\Very small.

 57. A dog?s life is short and Shaw could not bear to part with it.

 58.The Tiny, horses possess have many good qualities to guide people.

 On the Tiny horses possess\ have many qualities to be ideal guides,

 59. He feels that his future life will he better/easier,

 60. They should be good friends and help each other,

 Or: They should get along as friends and take care of each other.


2022年高考英语全国乙卷 - 阅读理解C

第三部分 语言运用(共两节,满分45分)

 第一节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)


 Alia Baker is a librarian in Iraq. Her library used to be a 36 place for all who loved books and liked to share knowledge. They 37 various matters all over the world. When the war was near, Alia was 38 that the fires of war would destroy the books, which are more 39 to her than mountain of gold. The books are in every language ? new books, ancient books, 40 a book on the history of Iraq that is seven hundred years old. (kaoshi.yjbys.com)

 She had asked the for 41 to move the books to a 42 place, but they refused. So Alia took matters into her own hands. 43 , she brought books home every night, 44 her car late after work. Her friends came to 45 her when the war broke out. Anis who owned a restaurant 46 to hide some books. All through the 47 , Alia, Anis, his brothers and neighbours took the books from the library, 48 them over the seven-foot wall and 49 them in the restaurant. The books stayed hidden as the war 50 . Then nine days laters, a fire burned the 51 to the ground.

 One day, the bombing stopped and the 52 left. But the war was not over yet. Alia knew that if the books were to be safe, they must be 53 again while the city was 54 . So she hired a truck to bring all the books to the houses of friends in the suburbs(郊区). Now Alia waited for the war to end and 55 peace and a new library.

 36. A. meeting B. working C. personal D. religious

 37. A. raised B. handled C. reported D. discussed

 38. A. worried B. angry C. doubtful D. curious

 39. A. practical B. precious C. reliable D. expensive

 40. A. then B. still C. even D. rather

 41. A. permission B. confirmation C. explanation D. information

 42. A. large B. public C. distant D. safe

 43. A. Fortunately B. Surprisingly C. Seriously D. Secretly

 44. A. starting B. parking C. filling D. testing

 45. A. stop B. help C. warn D. rescue

 46. A. intended B. pretended C. happened D. agreed

 47. A. war B. night C. building D. way

 48. A. put B. opened C. passed D. threw

 49. A. hid B. exchanged C.burnt D. distributed

 50. A. approached B. erupted C. continued D. ended

 51. A. restaurant B. library C. city D. wall

 52. A. neighbours B. soldiers C. friends D. customers

 53. A. sold B. read C. saved D. moved

 54. A. occupied B. bombed C. quiet D. busy

 55. A. dreamed of B. believed in C. cared about D. looked for

非选择题部分  第三部分 语言运用(共两节,满分45分)



 Last October , while tending her garden in Mora , Sweden , Lena Pahlsson pulled out a handful of small 56 (carrot) and was about to throw them away. But something made her look closer , and she noticed a 57 (shine) object. Yes, there beneath the leafy top of one tiny carrot was her long-lost wedding ring.

 Pahlsson screamed 58 loudly that her daughter came running from the house. ?she thought I had hurt 59 (I),?says Pahlsson

 Sixteen years 60 (early), Pahlsson had removed the diamond ring 61 (cook) a meal. When she wanted to put the ring back on later, it was gone. She suspected that one of her three daughters ?then ten, eight, and six? had picked it up, but the girls said they hadn't. Pahlsson and her husband 62 (search) the kitchen, checking every corner, but turned up nothing. ?I gave up hope of finding my ring again," she says. She never replaced it.

 Pahlsson and her husband now think the ring probably got 63 (sweep) into a pile of kitchen rubbish and was spread over the garden, 64 it remained until the carrot?s leafy top accidentally sprouted (生长) through it. For Pahlsson, its return was 65 wonder.

第四部分 写作(共两节,满分40分)

 第一节 应用文写作(满分15分)


 1. 参加者;

 2. 时间、地点;

 3. 活动:登山、野餐等。


 1. 词数80左右;

 2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

 第二节 读后续写(满分25分)


 On a bright, warm July afternoon, Mac Hollan, a primary school teacher, was cycling from his home to Alaska with his friends. One of his friends had stopped to make a bicycle repair, but they had encouraged Mac to carry on, and they would catch up with him soon. As Mac pedaled (骑行) along alone, he thought fondly of his wife and two young daughters at home. He hoped to show them this beautiful place someday.

 Then Mac heard quick and loud breathing behind him. ?Man, that's a big dog!? he thought. But when he looked to the side, he saw instantly that it wasn?t a dog at all, but a wolf, quickly catching up with him.

 Mac?s heart jumped. He found out his can of hear spray. With one hand on the bars, he fired the spray at the wolf. A bright red cloud enveloped the animal, and to Mac's relief, it fell back, shaking its head. But a minute later, it was by his side again. Then it attacked the back of Mac's bike, tearing open his tent bag. He fired at the wolf a second time, and again, it fell back only to quickly restart the chase(追赶)。

 Mac was pedaling hard now. He waved and yelled at passing cars but was careful not to show down. He saw a steep uphill climbbefore him. He knew that zxxk once he hit the hill, he?d be easy caught up and the wolf?s teeth would be tearing into his flesh.

 At this moment, Paul and Beeky were driving their car on their way to Alaska. They didn?t think much of it when they saw two cyclists repairing their bike on the side of the road. A bit later, they spotted what they, too, assumed was a dog running alongside a man on a bike. As they got closer, they realized that the dog was a wolf. Mac heard a large vehicle behind him. He pulled in front of it as the wolf was catching up fast, just a dozen yards away now. (kaoshi.yjbys.com)


 1. 所续写短文的词数应为150左右;

 2. 应使用5个以上短文中标有下划线的关键词语;

 3. 续写部分分为两段,每段开头语已为你写好;

 4. 续写完成后,请用下划线标出你所使用的关键词语。


 第一部分 听力

 1. C 2. A 3. C 4. B 5. A

 6. C 7. A 8. B 9. C 10 . B

 11. B 12. C 13. A 14. B 15. A

 16. B 17. C 18. A 19. C 20 . A

 第二部分 阅读理解

 21. C 22. D 23. B 24. D 25. A

 26. C 27. B 28. A 29. B 30. C

 31. D 32. C 33. B 34. A 35. F

 第三部分 语言运用

 36. A 37. D 38. A 39. B 40. C

 41. A 42. D 43. D 44. C 45. B

 46. D 47. B 48. C 49. A 50. C

 51. B 52. B 53. D 54. C 55. A

 56. carrots 57. shiny/shining 58. so

 59. myself 60. earlier 61. to cook

 62. searched 63. Swept 64. where

 65. a

 第四部分 写作




Can a small group of drones guarantee the safety and reliability of railways and, at the same time, help railway operators save billions of euros each year? That is the very likely future of applying today's "eyes in the sky" technology to making sure that the millions of kilometres of rail tracks and infrastructure worldwide are safe for trains on a 24/7 basis.


Drones are already being used to examine high-tension electrical lines. They could do precisely the same thing to inspect railway lines and other vital aspects of rail infrastructure such as the correct position of railway tracks and switching points. The more regularly they can be inspected, the more railway safety, reliability and on-time performance will be improved. Costs would be cut and operations would be more efficient across the board.


That includes huge savings in maintenance costs and better protection of railway personnel safety. It is calculated that European railways alone spend approximately 20 billion euros a year on maintenance, including sending maintenance staff, often at night, to inspect and repair the rail infrastructure. That can be dangerous work that could be avoided with drones assisting the crews' efforts.


By using the latest technologies, drones could also start providing higher-value services for railways, detecting faults in the rail or switches, before they can cause any safety problems. To perform these tasks, drones for rail don't need to be flying overhead. Engineers are now working on a new concept: the rail drones of the future. They will be moving on the track ahead of the train, and programmed to run autonomously. Very small drones with advanced sensors and AI and travelling ahead of the train could guide it like a co-pilot. With their ability to see ahead, they could signal any problem, so that fast-moving trains would be able to react in time.


56. How will most people feel when you try hard to remember their names?

A. They will be moved. B. They will be annoyed.

C. They will be delighted. D. They will be discouraged.


解析从第二个小标题”Ask the other person to recite and repeat”中的最后一句话”Most people will be pleased by the effort you’re making to learn their names”中可获得答案.

57. If you can't remember someone's name, you may __

A. tell him the truth B. tell him a white lie

C. ask him for pity D. ask others to help you


解析从第三个小标题”Admit you don’t know”中第一句中可以获得答案.

58. When you meet a group of people, it is better to remember __

A. all their names B. a couple of names first

C. just their last names D. as many names as possible


解析从第五个小标题”Limit the number of new names you learn at one time”中的第一句话”when meeting a group of people, concentrate on remembering just two or three names”可获得答案

59. What does the text mainly tell us?

A. Tips on an important social skill. B. Importance of attending parties.

C. How to make use of associations. D. How to recite and repeat names.



60. The words "boats an land" underlined in Paragraph 2 refer to __

A. animals for taking goods B. creatures for pulling plows

C. treasures of the folk culture D. tools in the farming economy


解析从第二段第二句话划线词后的解释for their ability to carry loads可以很轻松判定答案.

6l. From the third paragraph, we know that __

A. oxen are no more important today than in the past

B. ceremonies are held when people cook cattle bone soup

C. oxen are treated as human in some areas of China

D. people run with oxen to shake off diseases every month


解析从第三段最后一句话中的定语从句which indicates they regard the creature as human中可知答案.

62. Which of the following helps to develop traditional customs?

A. The special role of oxen in frowning.

B. People's respect and love for oxen.

C. The practical value of an ox's body.

D. The contribution of oxen to the economy.



63. Why does the author write the text?

A. To stress the importance of oxen in farming.

B. To introduce the Chinese folk culture.

C. To describe how to celebrate the Year of Ox.

D. To explain how to develop agriculture with oxen.



64. Which of the following is true according to the first two paragraphs?

A. Arian de Bondt got his idea from his boss.

B. Large, flat, black surfaces need to be built in cities.

C. The Dutch engineer's system has been widely used.

D. Heat can also be collected from asphalt roads.



65. For what purpose are the diving pipes used?

A. To absorb heat from the sun.

B. To store heat for future use.

C. To turn solar energy into heat energy.

D. To carry heat down below the surface.



66. From the last paragraph we can learn that __

A. some pipes have to be re-arranged in winter

B. the system can do more than warming up the building

C. the exchangers will pick up heat from the street surface

D. less heat may be collected in winter than in summer





67. What is most likely to be discussed in the paragraph that follows?

A. What we shall do if the system goes wrong.

B. What we shall do if there are no asphalt roads.

C. How the system cools the building in summer.

D. How the system collects heat in spring and autumn.


解析本文最后一段介绍了这种系统是如何让建筑物在冬天得到保暖的,而第二段中”the result is that their building is now heated in winter and cooled in summer by a system that relies on the surface of the road outside”可以知道接下来的这一段肯定会解释这种系统是如何在夏天为建筑物降温的了.

68. Which of the following is true of the membership card?

A. Its number is l0865 305305.

B. It belongs to Mr. E. M. Driscoll.

C. It is valid through the year of 2010.

D. It gets the owner a discount when used.


解析从第二份介绍中可以得出结果.”When booking always ask for your friends Discount”

69. If one wants to attend a business lunch in London at l2:00,the latest train that he should take at Oxford leaves at .

A. 11:45 B. 11:15 C. 10:35 D. 10:05



70. If you would like to have some vegetable beef, what may be your choice?

A. French Slam? B. Chicken-Fried Steak?

C. The Super Bird? D. Sandwich with Salad or Soup?



71. The chart shows that from 2005 to 2008, .

A. the percentage of the Spanish families with a computer rose 35 points

B. the percentage of the White families with a computer remained unchanged

C. the number of the Black families with a computer was on the decrease

D. the number of the Asian families with a computer showed the sharpest increase



72. Rainforests can help to adjust the climate because they .

A. reflect more heat into the atmosphere

B. bring about high rainfall throughout the world

C. rarely cause the temperature to drop lower than l6℃

D. reduce the effect of heat from the sun on the earth



73. What does the word “this” underlined in the third paragraph refer to?

A. We will lose much more than we can gain.

B. Humans have begun destroying rainforests.

C. People have a strong desire for resources.

D. Much carbon dioxide comes from burning rainforests.



74. It can be inferred from the text that

A. we can get enough resources without rainforests

B. there is great medicine potential in rainforests

C. we will grow fewer kinds of crops in the gained land

D. the level of annual rainfall affects wind patterns



75. What might be the best title for the text?

A. How to Save Rainforests

B. How to Protect Nature

C. Rainforests and the Environment

D. Rainforests and Medical Development



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